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Robocoast’s mission is to support digital transformation with key skills in cybersecurity, robotics, energy technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, 5G, and the Internet of Things. We provide services to the export industry and other industries, as well as startups and high-tech companies. The products and services developed by the members focus on the export industry and their subcontracting chains, advanced manufacturing, information and communication technology and the energy sector. We also offer multidisciplinary cooperation in areas such as agriculture and health technology.

Leading the Way to a Smarter Tomorrow

The AI & Automation cluster is Satakunta offers career opportunities for in technology, industry and internatonal business. We help companies to find talents and support international talents in finding the dream career or  starting your own business in the cluster.

Recuitment Services for Companies Looking for Talents & Career Opportunities for International Talents

Are you looking for a talent to support the company´s digital transformation or international business? We offer companies recruitment service, training opportunities, coaching for the teams and help organize international recruitment campaigns. Through us, you will find both international students studying at our universities and global tops. For talents and talents-to-be we offer a link to our career opportunities.  In addition, we also support the spouses in finding the career here as well, organise networking events and offer information related to soft landing services like housing, hobbies etc. We are also a link to Business Finland’s Talent Boost program.


Feasibility studies and other reports

Feasibility study concerning of material identification and size measurement of recycled textiles

Read more from here.

Press release (in Finnish)

STUDY: Automatic garment measurement

STUDY: Textile identification and sorting using hyperspectral camera

Robocoast Education -platform

Robocoast-Edufication -platform is an educational environment that bridges the expertise of Finnish universities and other higher education institutions with the needs of learners, companies, institutions, and businesses. The platform offers free first-phase short-courses for manufacturing SMEs to support companies to launch modernization projects utilizing new digital solutions.

Read more! 

Robocoast Education -platform

Tomato Challenge

How to improve tomato picking and packaging in the greenhouse?

Read more! The feasibility study addresses the challenge of how to pack tomatoes with a cobot on a packaging line

Automatic tomato qualifying and weighting project

Ports of the future –  how they should work?

STUDY: Harbour vision 2020


Measuring with AI

Read more about the case from here. (in Finnish)

STUDY: Measuring with AI

Living Lab -testing with hyperspectral camera

CASE: Honkajoki Oy

Modernization Plan to bakery

CASE: Pekan Parhaat

Demoday: Testing Moto tiles

CASE: Moto Tiles (in Finnish)

Demoday: Testing Exoskeleton

CASE: Exoskeleton (in Finnish)

Piloting  Cuppla-application

CASE: Cuppla (in Finnish)

Automation for coal wagon cleaning

Read more from here.

CASE: Adolf Lahti Oy

Drying machine

The research covered the technical feasibility of drying equipment or machine for a client company. Prior to this study, little was known about the root cause of emerging issues, and even less on how the issues could be tackled. The study was conducted as an applied constructive study and the report, in conjunction with other related studies and data, will be used as a reference in the designing of the drying equipment.

CASE: Technical feasibility study – drying center

Proof of Consept Study Report – Visual Inspection of Plastic Products

Proof-of-concept study report on detecting defects and contamination in white plastic products.

The study was conducted based on samples at Roima’s laboratory in Espoo.
The target of the study was to find ways to detect all possible visual defects, contamination and fibres or burrs at the cut edges of the product using machine vision and give a suggestion of a system that could be used in production environment.


Events and promotion

Promotion event in China

20th of June 2019 Robocoast and HNC-USF Platform presented the European expertise and high tech companies in Ningbo China. The event opened up business opportunities for the European high tech companies. There were over 100 experts from Europe and China specialized in robotics, AI, automation and machine vision.

Promotion event in Ningbo China

Robocoast – Center of Excellence

Services for digital transformation, innovation and growth.

Robocoast - Center of Excellence