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The Robocoast R&D Centre is an Open Development Platform

We support companies with modernisation, product development projects and internationalisation processes.

Robocoast Challenges

Robocoast has several ongoing national and international Robocoast challenge competitions which involve developing modernisation, robotics and artificial intelligence solutions. The Robocoast Challenges is an operational model developed by our network.

The challenges are based on the needs of companies, and solution proposals can be submitted by research groups, universities and companies, as well as private individuals. Are you interested in solving one of the ongoing challenges?

Robocoast Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) organized a challenge competeition for SME's early 2020. The goal was to find an innovative solution to clean a coal wagon of reminants of, some times frozen, coal.

Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ltd, part of KWH Logistics Group, is a modern, professional operator in the machinery business, offering all-encompassing and customer-focused logistics and machinery services for wood, mining, and chemical industries as well as for the commercial sector.

Robocoast is launching a challenge related to automation, robotics, machine learning and machine vision. The best proposal will be piloted. The challenge provider belongs to Robocoast ecosystem and it is

Robocoast is launching a challenge related to the European fishing industry. There are around 24.000 seals in the coastal waters of Finland alone. The larger Grey seal weighs 170 –

Is it possible for machine or algorithm to understand emotions from speech data, meaning not the words but the sound waves / spectrogram that speech creates? Onerva, a Finnish startup-company focused on

Robocoast is launching a challenge related to production equipment measurement data, where deviations are sought using artificial intelligence. The best solution proposal will be piloted. The company providing the challenge

Modernisation Review

The aim of a modernisation review is to map out a company’s modernisation-related challenges, which may relate to a certain production phase or a larger production entity.

Based on the review, a technical expert will prepare a report and make suggestions for further action. Suggestions for further action will be made on a case-by-case basis. Conducting a modernisation review is usually the first step when working with a new client company.

Living Lab testing

When a company wants to test new robotics, IoT or AI solutions in a real-world environment, for example, to support an investment decision, Robocoast can help the company to carry out a Living Lab test where the solution is tested in the company’s production or service process for an agreed period of time. After the test period, a report will be prepared outlining the results.

R&D Workshop

Coming soon.