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Robocoast DIH services are prompting digital transformation and boosting your competitiveness and growth

Robocoast DIH consortium is a one-stop-shop for digital transformation services. We offer you and your company access to testing and prototyping laboratories and industrial living labs. Our recruitment, talent attraction and training services provide your company with up-to-date digital skills and talents. We offer access to finance for example EIT Digital and other funding opportunities nationally and internationally. We are also the heart of innovation ecosystem increasing co-creation, competitiveness and added value. Thus our matchmaking and ecosystem services are your route to new international value chains and European Digital Innovation Hub networks.

Innovation ecosystem and networking

Innovation ecosystem and networks – services match the potential solution providers and universities with exporting industrial companies with their needs of technological and business solutions. Robocoast DIH innovation ecosystem strengthens is co-creation and accelerates the deployment of new innovations across sectors by creating new value chains and networks.
Robocoast DIH hosts different types of Matchmaking Events, International Webinars, Innovation Boot Camps, Startup Weekends, and Technology Exhibitions. Robocoast DIH has extensive networks of companies and universities at the national and international levels.
In addition, EIT Digital is the partner of Robocoast DIH and it has a network of over 250 partners (industry, universities, and research institutions) in Europe. This network provides wide opportunities to collaborate, pilot new products, and find customers and suppliers.
Co-Creation together, we turn innovation into success!

Service examples:
  1. Matchmaking events – Empowerment of networking value
  2. International webinars – Shared Knowledge
  3. Innovation bootcamps – Support Co-Creation
  4. Startup weekends – Scale-up business opportunities through the ecosystem
  5. Technology Exhibitions – create a profitable exhibition with targeted audience at trade shows.
Case examples:
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Test before invest

We start our journey to digital transformation with Modernisation review done by the Robocoast advisors. We analyse your business and processes in order to find the best expert for innovation, digitalisation and growth.

After modernization review Robocoast can help you forge ahead by working with you to find practical solutions to any specific technological problems in the digital transformation that form a bottleneck for your business or processes. Robocoast advisors can also support and take forward the digital transformation needs of the company into new attractive digital products and services. Together with you and your partners, we outline a tailor-made path from actually company needs to innovations and use-ready products including all phases from drawing board, via the prototype and testing stages to attainable solutions ready to be taken to market.

Your company has access to our high-tech infrastructure and our Competence Centers Labs specialising in today’s hot topics in technology for example Cybersecurity testing, exploiting the latest developments and Living Lab technology testing in real industrial environment. Our Technology and innovation services, including Hackathons and R&D demo workshop are offering the latest developments in exporting industrial environment for You.

Service examples:
  1. Modernization review – Consulting and evaluating digital maturity of enterprises and finding the right experts and solutions
  2. Cyber security Quick scan – Increase the cyber resilience of your company
  3. Modernization plan and simulation services – Futureproof plan how to take new digital technology use and how much it will increase the efficiency of  processes of your company
  4. Industrial Living Labs – testing new technologies in real industrial environment
  5. Challenge competition – finding new technological and business solutions according to company needs with an open  innovation competition
  6. R&D workshop – for finding the methods generating the best business value by designing demo solutions and doing feasibility studies of new digital technologies
Case examples:
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Robocoast Challenges

Robocoast Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) organized a challenge competeition for SME's early 2020. The goal was to find an innovative solution to clean a coal wagon of reminants of, some times frozen, coal.

Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ltd, part of KWH Logistics Group, is a modern, professional operator in the machinery business, offering all-encompassing and customer-focused logistics and machinery services for wood, mining, and chemical industries as well as for the commercial sector.

Robocoast is launching a challenge related to automation, robotics, machine learning and machine vision. The best proposal will be piloted. The challenge provider belongs to Robocoast ecosystem and it is

Robocoast is launching a challenge related to the European fishing industry. There are around 24.000 seals in the coastal waters of Finland alone. The larger Grey seal weighs 170 –

Is it possible for machine or algorithm to understand emotions from speech data, meaning not the words but the sound waves / spectrogram that speech creates? Onerva, a Finnish startup-company focused on

Support to find investments

Support to find investment services, we will help you optimize your project financing, drawing on private and public funds. Our funding services support startups from early stage to growth. Matchmaking private and public funding and same time coaching for companies to develop concept of new innovations and business models, is our focus. In addition, we can help startups to find pilot and reference customers for new technology solutions.
Our purpose is to provide updated information on funding opportunities available to all organizations wishing to develop activities exporting and technology industry and implementing technological solutions or business opportunities in European and global markets.

EIT Digital Accelerator provides Access to Markets and Access to Finance services to boost scaling up and internationalization of scale up companies. Accelerator has a European network of business developers offering support and direct access to target markets in selected countries. EIT Digital Innovation Factory provides funding and European wide collaboration opportunities to commercialize innovations. EIT Digital is the partner of Robocoast DIH.

Service examples:
  1. Matchmaking to private and public funding – Matching with Business Finland, EU funding authorities and Business Angels etc. private investors
  2. Coaching with innovations and business models – Investment Coach, financial coaching to looking for funds to grow your business
  3. Accelerator / Incubator services – EIT Digital partnership including EIT Digital Accelerator that provides Access to Markets and Access to Finance services to boost scaling up and internationalization of scale up companies.
  4. Investment Coach – financial coaching for funding life cycle management like creating a financial plan
Case examples:
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Skills and training

Your route to digital transformation requires the top-of-the-notch digital skills and talents. Our training services ensure reskilling and upskilling of digital skills for your personnel and boost your innovation potential and growth. Our talent attraction services include attracting talents – future talents or experienced director-level specialists as well as research professionals – nationally and internationally. Our wide network of universities and clusters ensure visibility for your open position globally.

We also combine our training and recruitment services with other services like hackathons so your company gets new talents or new skills for personnel and new innovative technological solutions at the same time. Our marketing actions high-light the technical experimentations and new innovations your company is linked to in order to offer employer branding with global visibility as well.

The recruitment and training services are organized by a large network of strategic partners in our ecosystem like EIT Digital and The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres). The training and education services vary from doctoral schools to short-term training for specific company needs.

Service examples:
  1. Talent attraction campaigns and events including hackathons – attracting new talents globally and raising interest for company /cluster companies. These talent attraction campaigns include also hackathons and other interesting events for employer branding purposes
  2. Matchmaking – matching of talents and companies with a need for digital skills and experts
  3. Doctoral school of Eit Digital academy – upskilling of current personnel or recruitment for EIT Digital Doctoral School
  4. I4MS courses and other specific courses designed according to company needs for reskilling and upskilling of personnel – Combining tech
    transfers services from test before invest service package with needed training and education like MooCs.
  5. Robotics academy and other university led student project courses – specific courses for Bachelors and Masters degree students that are designed to teach students real life cases from the industry and increase awareness of the company for recruitment purposes.
  6. Entrepreneurship advisory services – coaching and mentoring students with startup-mindset and supporting especially technology and business students to start their career as entrepreneurs. For further growth finding new customers from industry so startups can find reference customer cases.
Case examples:
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