20-21 May 2019 Ningbo, China

Who We Are

Robocoast is an international centre of excellence for robotics and artificial intelligence that focuses on need-based product development projects and the modernisation of industry and services (Industry 4.0).

Modernisation challenges, product development projects and support for internationalization

Robocoast, a centre of excellence based on open innovation, consists of over a hundred companies as well as international RDI networks and programs. Robocoast operates in close collaboration with Satakunta-based universities and educational institutions.

For more information, please contact

Ms. Pauliina Harrivaara, Liaison Manager
pauliina.harrivaara@prizz.fi, +358 44 710 5365

The MIC2025 partnership offers a unique gateway for modernization projects in China.

As a strategic partner of Ningbo, Robocoast provides development organizations, their networks and businesses with an efficient and relatively fast way to meet China’s modernization challenges.

Robocoast is a hub combining both Chinese and European excellence in the field of industrial modernisation, robotics and artificial intelligence.