HNC-USF Promotion Conference

20-21 May 2019 Ningbo, China

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HNC-USF Promotion Conference

The Made in China 2025 (MIC2025) programme is a national development programme of China. The collaboration between Robocoast DIH, USF Platform and the city of Ningbo Haishu is strategic and innovative. We can offer a transparent two-way gateway between Europe and China to the modernization of China.

The HNC-USF Promotion Conference is an arena for MIC2025 programme to present its unique possibilities offered for European companies and other organisations in order to solve the modernization cases of China. These possibilities are from all fields of the developing and growingly modern China. For example industrial modernization, service sector development, health technology, AI are the themes of the Conference.

For the European companies and organisations the HNC-USF Promotion Conference is an arena for pitching the expertise and problem solving skills. In the conference a set of challenges is launched which offer possibilities to grow business in China with a strong support of the Ministry of Science and Technology from the central government of the People’s Republic of China. For the companies of Ningbo the conference is an arena for presenting their development plans for the future. Robocoast and USF platform act as fasilitators and offer supporting services free of charge for European companies and organisations.

The goal of the HNC-USF Promotion Conference is to iniate close co-operation in the modernization projects of the Chinese industry and find new partners for the Robocoast, USF platform, Ningbo companies and Made in China 2025 collaboration.

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Why should you join the Symposium?

The agenda of the Symposium is to discuss the strategy of Europe and China. The main topics being strategy between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and Ministry of Science and Technology of China as well as other Made in China 2025 (MIC2025) project organisations.

Solve MIC2025-challenges in China from your laptop!

The winners of these competitions are awarded on SESIC Symposium. Come and show your potential! The best ideas for this are the rare opportunity to work with Chinese people.

In addition to that, the prize for each competition is 3,000 €.

Limited number of participants!

The first micro challenge will be launched on 14th of March at 12.00 CET

Stay tuned!