Robocoast Challenge: Automation for coal wagon cleaning


Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ltd, part of KWH Logistics Group, is a modern, professional operator in the machinery business, offering all-encompassing and customer-focused logistics and machinery services for wood, mining, and chemical industries as well as for the commercial sector.

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Significant growth in Robocoast cluster

23/10/2019General, News
The Robocoast cluster in Satakunta, Finland keeps growing like never before. Turnover of the Robotics, Automation and AI companies grew 40,6 % and personnel 6.1% during the first half of [...]
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Robotex event at Pori


Robotex event at Pori The digital city of Pori organizes the Robotex Finland event at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Pori Campus in October. This is the first time the […]

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Robocoast Challenge: Automation for tomato packing in a greenhouse


Robocoast is launching a challenge related to automation, robotics, machine learning and machine vision. The best proposal will be piloted. The challenge provider belongs to Robocoast ecosystem and it is […]

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Robocoast Challenge: Detecting a seal (the animal)


Robocoast is launching a challenge related to the European fishing industry. There are around 24.000 seals in the coastal waters of Finland alone. The larger Grey seal weighs 170 – […]

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HNC-USF Platform Promotion Conference was a great success


HNC-USF Platform Promotion Conference was held in Ningbo China on May 20th and 21st. Robocoast Digital Innovation Hub presented cluster companies and knowhow in the field of manufacturing, healthteach and […]

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Robocoast Partner Search: How could machines detect and interpret human emotions from speech?


Is it possible for machine or algorithm to understand emotions from speech data, meaning not the words but the sound waves / spectrogram that speech creates? Onerva, a Finnish startup-company focused on […]

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Robocoast Challenge: Measuring with AI

31/05/2019Challenges, Complete, News
Robocoast is launching a challenge related to production equipment measurement data, where deviations are sought using artificial intelligence. The best solution proposal will be piloted. The company providing the challenge [...]
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Automaatioyritysten aamukahvit Ulvilassa, Cafe Hellmanissa

16/04/2019News, Robocoast companies

Prizztech Oy:n hallinnoima Robocoast ja Ulvilan kaupunki järjestivät jo perinteeksi muodostuneen aamukahvitilaisuuden Ulvilan Friitalatalossa, Cafe Hellmanissa 16.4.2019. Tuttuun tapaan Ulvilan kaupunginjohtaja Jukka Moilanen juonsi tilaisuuden.

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