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An International Ecosystem of Innovators

Robocoast is an international network based on open innovation focusing on automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. An ecosystem for research and development, where everyone is more together. Robocoast is part of some of the most important European research and expert networks, including the Digital Innovation Hub coordinated by the European Union, the HiPEAC expert network and the Allied ICT Finland network. Robocoast is also a strategic partner of Ningbo, the pilot city of China’s national modernisation programme.

Robocoast is a hub combining both Chinese and European excellence in the field of industrial modernisation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH)

The Digital Innovation Hub is a network that consists of expert clusters approved by the European Commission. The aim of the Digital Innovation Hub network is to support companies in their digital transformation and promote the collaboration between expert communities and companies.

Robocoast - China

Via USF Platform Robocoast has become the strategic development partner of City of Ningbo in China. The role of Robocoast is to identify suitable European robotics experts and companies for the projects.

Allied ICT Finland

Robocoast is part of the national AIF network, which brings together different research communities and ecosystems. The aim of the network is to bring together experts from all around Finland, develop synergies between clusters and assemble the best talent to solve business challenges.


HiPEAC is an expert network consisting of various scientific communities across Europe. In HiPEAC, any member can propose a technical challenge and take part in solving other proposed challenges.

Häme University of Applied Sciences

Robocoast collaborates with the Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) in the field of education and training. HAMK offers training services for Chinese companies in particular. Robocoast is in charge of finding the right experts for the courses.


Gamecoast is a Satakunta-based cluster of companies operating in the gamification field. Gamecoast aims to use gamification to create added value for industrial companies. Robocoast collaborates with Gamecoast by promoting synergies between companies in the industry.


RoboAI is a collective term for the robotics and AI units at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Robocoast collaborates with RoboAI, and, for example, directs the students’ thesis topics to companies.

The University of Tampere

Robocoast collaborates with the data analytics research centre operating at the Pori Unit of the University of Tampere.

Prizztech Ltd

Prizztech Ltd is a not-profit business development company owned by municipalities in Satakunta region. The main shareholder of the company is the City of Pori, (77, 1%). Prizztech Ltd operates as an impartial, non-profit organization of experts in business development, research and project management. The operations are divided into the following themes: entrepreneurship and business life, attractive business environments and research communities. Prizztech Ltd is a key player in the world of innovation environments working to improve business performance and competitiveness. Prizztech Oy manages Robocoast’s operations.