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What is MIC2025?

The Made in China 2025 (MIC2025) programme is a national development programme of China. The goal of MIC2025 is to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry and making it more efficient.

Made in China 2025 seeks to engineer a shift for China from being a low-end manufacturer to becoming a high-end producer of goods. The goal is to tap into China’s increasingly wealthy home consumer base as well as the value-added global sourcing segment.

The government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a Made in China (MIC) 2025 document in 2015 – pushing for leadership in robotics, information technology, and clean energy, among other sectors.

As a strategic partner of Ningbo, China, Robocoast provides development organizations, their networks and businesses with an efficient and relatively fast way to meet China’s modernization challenges.

Micro challenges

Micro Challenges is a series of challenge competitions set to promote the possibilities of Made in China 2025 program. It offers a unique possibility to showcase ones expertise in different fields of industry.

The winner of each challenge competition will earn an opportunity to pitch the solution and showcase the expertise in SEDIC Symposium in Ningbo China. At the symposium there will be present the public officials responsible for the modernization cases of the Chinese industry and the leaders of the MIC2025 programme.

Also two “stipends” of 3000€ will be given to cover the travelling expenses to Ningbo. The two stipends will be chosen from the best solutions of the Micro Challenge Series *).

To participate, please fill in the questionnaire.

1st Challenge:

Problem: Fitting the part to the valve accurately is the challenge. How would you solve the challenge? What kind of automation or robotics should be used here? We are seeking for a method or a plan to solve this problem. You can also present references from similar cases which could help to solve this challenge as well.

Please provide your solution in any commonly used file format, such as PDF. The proposal should include a short text description of the solution and possible illustrations.

Send your proposition by 1/4/2019 to:

2nd challenge (will be published soon – stay tuned)

3rd challenge (will be published soon – stay tuned)

4th challenge (will be published soon – stay tuned)


For more information please contact the project manager, mr. Juha-Pekka Alanen


* The winner is entitled to the stipend only if he/she or a team member attends the Symposium and shares the experience in a pitching session. Robocoast will not pay to the participants any reimbursement for taking part in the competition or for the solutions provided. Robocoast will not publish the solutions.

SEDIC Symposium

Sino-European Digital Innovation Cooperation Symposium – SEDIC 2019

20-21 May 2019 Ningbo, China

Solve MIC2025-challenges in China from your laptop!

The winners of these competitions are awarded on SEDIC Symposium.

Also two “stipends” of 3000€ will be given to cover the travelling expenses to Ningbo.

Number of participants is limited!

The first Micro Challenge will be launched on 14th of March at 12.00 CET

Stay tuned!