Robocoast EDIH consortium

The Robocoast EDIH consortium comprises Finnish universities, research institutes, ecosystem actors, and business development organizations.

The consortium members collectively offer EDIH services, expertise, and RDI environments for businesses to modernize their operations, develop digital products and services, enhance digital skills, seek financing, and build new strategic partnerships.

By contacting Robocoast experts, your company gains access to the expertise and RDI resources of all 15 universities, two business development organizations, four ecosystem actors, and CSC!

Prizztech Oy serves as the coordinator of the Robocoast EDIH consortium.

Interested? Contact our experts (link) or fill out the online contact form [Contact form button]. The nearest Robocoast expert will contact you within five business days at the latest. Submitting the form does not obligate you or your company to anything yet.

Robocoast EDIH Consortium