Karelics is a young Finnish startup with big dreams located in the city of Joensuu. Ever since our early days at the beginning of 2020, we have always closely followed our biggest ambition: bringing truly autonomous robots to every construction site in the world! Clearly, the 21st century is a time marked by remarkable technological breakthroughs, and we believe that robots will naturally become a core part of our existence. That is why, since day one, we have constantly been pushing the boundaries of what autonomous robots can do and how well they can collaborate with humans.

The construction industry has come a long way, and many companies are trying to take advantage of new technologies to speed up and increase safety on construction sites. But we believe at Karelics that robots will be the true game changers when it comes to optimising processes on sites.

To achieve these goals, we are providing two solutions.

Firstly there is the Karelics Brain, our complete, in-house developed software for making robots from any manufacturer construction site ready. Karelics Brain is based on the popular ROS2 platform, so integrating various robots is fast and seamless. Once deployed on a robot, it enables it to autonomously map, navigate and perform a wide range of specific tasks, such as photo documentation, damage detection, human following, obstacle avoidance, and seamless multi-floor support while gathering crucial information for good maintenance of the site.

One key aspect of the goal of bringing autonomous robot helpers to any construction site out there is robot multi-vendor support. To achieve this, a healthy ecosystem should be created where robots from any vendor and manufacturer could seamlessly work together and communicate.

And that is where our second product, the Karelics Cloud, comes into play. Our cloud management platform suits all of your construction site automation needs. It comes with one-click integration for the Karelics Brain. Still, it also supports a wide range of other robotics management systems for fast and easy integration of robots. Some of the essential features of our Karelics Cloud are multi-vendor support, BIM integration, multi-robot custom mission definition, and ultimately that its user-friendliness which enables you to effortlessly bring robots from different vendors to work together on the same project while sharing essential information such as the map of the site and locations of points of interest and tasks.