Silicon Sulfur Battery: from circular design to industrial uptake

10:00 am
1:30 pm
Timezone: Europe/Paris

Join us for our first living lab online event, jointly organized by Robocoast and the 2BoSS project partners.

The “Silicon Sulfur Battery: from circular design to industrial uptake” workshop is an opportunity to meet
different stakeholders interested in next generation batteries and become part of the 2BoSS battery value
chain. With a panel of distinguished experts, researchers, and industrial key players, this event aims to
deliver valuable insights into the circular design of these batteries and their potential for industrial uptake.

The Robocoast Consortium is one of the European Digital Innovation Hubs selected by the European
Commission. Robocoast EDIH brings together experts from various fields, including robotics, artificial
intelligence, and industrial automation, to develop innovative solutions and projects. Its collaborative model
fosters the exchange of knowledge and best practices, promoting the creation of new ideas and the
development of cutting-edge technologies. Robocoast EDIH also provides a range of services to support
companies in their digital transformation journey.

2BoSS is an ERA-MIN funded project which brings together partners from four European countries (Spain,
Italy, France, and Germany) focusing on the development of a sustainable battery technology and its
associated recycling strategies to foster circular economy and reduction of critical raw materials.
We invite you to join us on our journey towards a cleaner and more efficient energy storage solution and
become part of this exciting development process to shape the battery of the future.

Book your spot now and let’s explore the potential of silicon-sulfur batteries together!

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Kati Kiljunen, Project Manager, Robocoast EDIH
Dr. Alessandra Manzini, Project Manager, 2BoSS Project, Cleopa GmbH