AI Roundtable: Data legislation now and in the future

1:00 pm
4:15 pm
Timezone: Europe/Helsinki

The Sixth networking event in the AI Roundtable series is for those who are interested in developing and applying Artificial Intelligence. The aim of the series of events is to increase knowledge and encourage companies to utilize artificial intelligence in their business. The aim is to increase cooperation between universities and companies and to find new innovation targets for artificial intelligence. Welcome to hearing about the possibilities of utilizing Artificial Intelligence and networking!

I Data legislation now and in the future

Today, over 120 countries have put in place legislation securing the protection of personal data and privacy. What this shows is that data protection and privacy have become key components in a world marked by globalization and connection.

13.00-13.15 AI Roundtable, Pirita Ihamäki, International Business Manager, Robocoast EDIH
13.15-13.45 EU Data legislation now and the future, Jussi Mäkinen, Director, EU Regulation, Teknologiateollisuus
13.45-14.00 How data legislation looks like in HeadAI’s everyday life, Harri Ketamo, Founder, Chairman, HeadAI
14.00-14.30 Coffee Break

II Students’ response to the challenges of AI

A Challenge workshop can be an effective and exciting way to generate ideas and solutions in a short period of time. AI students are eager to solve the companies’ challenges and show their skills.

14.30-15:00 AI student presentations of the challenges
15:00-15:30 Companies’ feedback for students
15:30-16:00 What opportunities SAMK will offer the companies collaborating with students? Geffen Marcel, Teacher, SAMK
16.00-16:15 Closing words, Tarmo Lipping, Director, University Consortium of Pori