AI Roundtable: Business Intelligence – Data to Support the Decision

1:10 pm
4:00 pm
Timezone: Europe/Helsinki

The second networking event in the AI Roundtable series for those who are interested in developing and applying Artificial Intelligence. The aim of the series of events is to increase knowledge and encourage companies to utilize artificial intelligence in their business. The aim is to increase cooperation between universities and companies and to find new innovation targets for artificial intelligence. Welcome to hear about the possibilities of utilizing Artificial Intelligence and networking!

Artificial Business Intelligence – Best Practices

13:10-13:25 AI research for Industry 4.0, Roberts Kadikis, Head of Robotics and Machine Perception Laboratory, EDI, Latvian
13:25-13:40 Robotics to Satellites: An Introduction to Open VINO and Myriad X for Edge AI, Lain Keaney Program Facilitator, Skellig AI, Ireland
13:40-13:55 TEXT TO SPEECH 101, Dermot Condron, Chief Technology Officer, Mersus Technologies, Ireland
13:55-14:10 AI in Logistics – Cooperation possibilities with Companies from Pomorkie, Jaroslaw Parzuchowski CEO of Pomeranian Interizon Cluster, Poland
14:10-14:25 Future-Proofing Economy, Eero Hammais, Communication Manager, HeadAI
14:25-14:40 Conclusion: Artificial Business Intelligence session, Pirita Ihamäki PhD., Liaison Manager, Robocoast DIH/Prizztech

14.40-15:00 Coffee break

Collecting Data with Artificial Intelligence to Support Decision Making

15:00-15:15 AI to Support Document Centric Decision Making Legal, Insurance and Health, Ari Juntunen CTO, Elinar
15:15-15:30 AI-based IoT solutions faster than ever – VIREBOX AI, Ossi Porri, Business Development Director, Virelabs Ltd, Finland
15:30-15:45 Decision support in healthcare, Prof. Tarmo Lipping, Director, University Consortium of Pori, Finland
15:45-16:00 Conclusion: Collecting Data with Artificial Intelligence to Support Decision Making, prof. Tarmo Lipping, Director University Consortium of Pori, Finland