The Importance of Industry 4.0 for Derry and Pori with Cross-City Collaboration and Shared Knowledge


Given the fast-paced acceleration of digital adoption and transformation, many organizations are falling behind in terms of finding and equipping their talent with the right skills and knowledge.

“Digital Skills” identified as a catalyst that will contribute to rebuilding a stronger more competitive, resilient, and inclusive economy that will deliver higher-paying jobs, a highly skilled and agile workforce, and a more regionally balanced economy. Pori and Derry have built Industry 4.0 Skills event series of co-run events on the skills needed for adopting Industry 4.0 framework in companies. The event – currently on-line – bring together best practices form the two cities, gathers audience from the two cities, and hots European experts in the field. The events will involve companies in various sectors, local universities, local industry groups and schools.

Here you can see first event:

Our aim is to share and raise innovation and optimization of Industry 4.0, enabling organizations to expand the range and reach of their business through digital transformation. With a workforce that is equipped with the right tools and skills, it’s full steam ahead towards the future of work. Also, entrepreneurship education where the focus is especial advance digital skills and Industry 4.0 context is in our central focus between co-creation Pori and Derry cities.

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Pirita Ihamäki Ph.D, M.Sc.
Liaison Manager
Open Platform Entrepreneurship Education for Future Work-project