HNC-USF Platform Promotion Conference was a great success

HNC-USF Platform Promotion Conference was held in Ningbo China on May 20th and 21st. Robocoast Digital Innovation Hub presented cluster companies and knowhow in the field of manufacturing, healthteach and IT industries. China is searching for partners in the digitalisation of these industries to name a few. Juha-Pekka Alanen presented the solutions solved by the cluster companies in pilot projects. Pauliina Harrivaara presented for example the Demoday concept of Robocoast. This Demoday concept has been tested in industrial companies in the city of Pori.

There was also a High-Level Conference meeting, which included a discussion concerning the expanding and improvement of HNC-USF Platform co-operation.

At the second day we visited the industrial companies and had workshops to come up with some new project ideas. This kind of concrete and practical events are good examples of HNC-USF Platform and Robocoast cooperation with NingboHaishu, China.