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Robocoast is an international centre of excellence for robotics and artificial intelligence that focuses on need-based product development projects and the modernisation of industry and services (Industry 4.0).
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A Centre of Research, Expertise and Innovation for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Modernisation Challenges, Product Development Projects and Support for Internationalisation

Robocoast, a centre of excellence based on open innovation, consists of over a hundred companies as well as international RDI networks and programs. Robocoast operates in close collaboration with Satakunta-based universities and educational institutions.


  • is a member of the European Digital Innovation Hub Network (DIH)
  • is a strategic development partner for Ningbo, the pilot city of the Made in China 2025 programme
  • promotes collaboration between the Regional Council of Satakunta and the China Academy of Safety Science (CAST)
  • is coordinated by the business development company Prizztech Ltd.
Growth of turnover from 2010 to 2018
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Created turnover of Robocoast cluster companies in 2018